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Landview provides mapping services for many applications and purposes. Aerial photographs are used to create digital images that are used as the backdrop for drawing farm field boundaries to create a farm map. Farm field maps contain the air photo image as the backdrop and have the boundaries of farm fields and farm management areas (e.g. sloughs, bush, wasteland) drawn on them.

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Air Photo Images   View Sample On-Line Image

Images that we provide are scanned digital copies of aerial photography. The standard parcel/section images are scanned from black and white aerial photographs that we purchase from various government and private photo libraries. We attempt to obtain the most recent images possible. Our existing air photo library consists of parcel/section images for much of the farmland in Western Canada. If the land parcel you require is not in our photo library, we will obtain a photograph and provide it to you in digital form on-line as soon as possible (within one to two weeks). We also create air photo mosaics of blocks of land or air photo CDs of section images for entire townships and township blocks. We can also meet special order requests to locate and digitize color or infrared photography. Following are examples of these products. Note that all images and maps are produced in the standard orientation with North being the top of the image.

Section Image

Standard Parcel/Section Image - Standard parcel/section images (containing a full section of land comprising 640 acres) are located in the Landview On-Line Air Photo Library and are the default image type created on all orders. They are created by scanning/digitizing black and white aerial photographs. The images are all deskewed/rotated and scaled to a standard 3 meters per pixel (within limits of normal photo distortion). The image format is JPEG format which can be downloaded/saved from a Browser window in JPEG or BMP format to your client computer. To see the full size image, click here or on the parcel/section image on the right.


Farm Image MosaicImage Mosaics - Air photo image mosaics can be created of any combination of adjacent land parcels/sections. The example illustrated on the left includes two adjacent sections in the top two-thirds of the image mosaic and the north half of the two sections located immediately south in the bottom one-third of the image mosaic. Image mosaics are usually created at a scale of 3 to 4 meters per pixel for farm scale photos and at a smaller scale of 10 to 20 meters per pixel for township or trading area mosaics as illustrated in the next township image mosaic.


Township Mosaic

Township Images - A township image mosaic can be created as illustrated on the right. All 36 sections of land contained in a township can be created as individual parcel/section images, located in a township folder and burned onto a CD. This approach may be used by agribusinesses, agri-retailers and custom applicators to map a large trading area.



Color Air  Photo Custom Orders - We will obtain color photography, infrared photography or satellite imagery on a custom order basis. Send us your needs and we will search for the images you desire and provide a price quotation to create the digital images required.


Field Maps   View Sample On-Line Map

Farm field maps contain the air photo image as the backdrop and have the boundaries of  the farm fields and farm management areas (e.g. sloughs, bush, wasteland) drawn on them. Field maps can be created using parcel/section images or farm-scale mosaics as the backdrop. Based on the instructions provided by you in your on-line order, we will draw the farm field boundaries as well as the boundaries of farm management areas contained within the farm fields. We will label the entities with the field names per your instructions along with the actual field sizes (in acres) and farm management area sizes (in acres) on the maps. Additional on-line web-enabled mapping and GIS capabilities will be made available in future enhancements to our on-line mapping system. Following are examples of maps that can be created and downloaded or printed on-line through Landview On-Line.

Quarter Section Map


The example on the right includes a full section of land (640 acres) comprising the north half of section 36 in one township and the south half of section 1 in the adjacent township. The quarter section boundaries have been drawn on the image and quarter section labels have been added. This example image has been reduced in size for illustration purposes only.

Field Map



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